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Divi Enhancer User Guide

By Miguras



About Plugin

Divi Enhancer it’s a Divi plugin that works with Divi Theme or Divi Builder Plugin. Adds new modules and options to help you get better visual aesthetics, according your site requirements.
All new modules are fully compatible with latest Divi version, so works smothly with admin and visual builder. Divi Enhancer it’s an all in one Divi plugin.


Custom Modules: You will see the new modules  as any default module (inside the Divi builder modules list). This new ones added with Divi Enhancer have the “DE” prefix and also  have a different background color to differenciate from default Divi modules. Modules are fully compatible with the divi visual builder.


New Options:  Available at default modules and custom ones added by Divi Enhancer.  Are added inside default builder toggles and tabs. To more info where you can find them, navigate to options section.


Customizer:  This options are only available for Divi as theme. Under customizer section you will find more info.

Custom Modules

To use modules added by Divi Enhancer you must do the same process used with any regular module. Just press the builder button to add a new module and you will see the list of modules added by Divi Enhancer as the image below.


Divi Enhancer Bing Map

DE Bing Map

To use bing maps properly, you must create a microsoft developer account. To do it, follow the instructions here: 


Insert Microsoft Key on your installation.

On your admin dashboard, navigate to DIVI->Theme Customizer, General Settings->Site Identity->DIVI ENHANCER BING KEY and save.

GET COORDINATES (Latitude, Longitude)

Open https://www.bing.com/maps

Look for desired address or explore the map. You can copy coordinates at left, or pressing secondary mouse button and copy coordinates directly.

Adjust DE Bing Map Values

Insert the copied coordinates inside the proper input. Also, you can adjust different parameters like width, height, view type, etc…

Content Carousel

Content Carousel for Divi uses the default editor inside the items. You must add there whatever you want to display as slide. Each slide could be customized under the design tab.

Under main settings you can adjust speed, columns, number of slides scrolled each time, if it’s an infinite scroll, autoplay, display/hide arrows and dots.



Food Menu

Food Menu Module for Divi was created to display products or services at reaturant websites. Is not limited to this function, you can use it to display any kind of profuct. Includes different premade styles.

Title is an h2 tag, subtitle is an h3 and price it’s h4, so to customize any, you must navigate to advanced->heading text. Content must be customized under text toggle.

It’s very import set the main color to display menus properly. This option is just below the editor.



Flipbox Module

Flipbox is very easy to use. At top, you must add two elements (module allows to add more, but you MUST add only two). Each item have a contet editor where you can add whatever you want. Thats it!

Timeline Module

A simple, easy to use and neccesary timeline module for Divi.  Add items to display as sequency and customize each one. Only timeline and icons size are adjusted inside the main module content and not with items.
Divi Enhancer have more custom modules, but each one follow the general Divi lines, so I think isn’t neccesary explain each one. Anyway, if you need help with something, please write me through contact form and I will answer you as fast as possible, this will help you and also helps me to understand how to give a better user guide.

New Options

Options enhance the default and custom modules capabilites. Depending of your Divi version and also the Divi Enhancer version, you will find them at differents places.
New Versions
Because some users can’t see the DE tab added by olded versions, since DIVI Enhancer 2.5, all options added were moved to the default advanced tab, under Custom CSS toggle.
Old Versions
In new versions you will find all options added by Divi Enhancer under a new tab named “DE”. There, you can select the option to be adjusted and set the proper values to achieve your goals.
Oldest Versions

Hover Option

Old Versions

Caption Option

This options lets you insert additional content to any default module or customs added by Divi Enhancer.

To use it, navigate to advanced – custom css and you will options to insert content, adjust text color, background color and text size.

Sticky Option

Keep modules attached at top when users scrolls down the page and reach the top of each module.

To use it, navigate to design – animated and select yes.

Theme Customizer

Menu Dropdown Size

Adjusts the Main menu dropdown text size.

Navigate to Header&Navigation – Primary Menu Bar – Dropdown text size

Footer Visibility

Choose between display only bottom bar, footer main content, both or none.

Navigate to Footer – Layout – Footer Visibility

Mobile Logo Size

Adjusts the logo size under mobile devices.

Navigate to MObile Styles – Mobile Menu – Logo Size