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Apply to become an affiliate partner!

Earn up to 20% of every purchase for an entire year from
all new customers you refer.

12 + 12 =

How it Works?


Refer new users to buy divi enhancer just writing a brief article or similar using your affiliate link and you will receive a 20% of their purchases for an entire year.

Once you was accepted as an affiliate, you will get a referral code included in a link.

Simply paste a link or image button on your site or any social media using that code. If a new user clicks your referrer link and proceeds to sign up an account and purchase any divi enhancer license, you will receive a 20% of that purchase or any purchase made by the customer in a year.



A few important points about how it works:
  • Freemius Affiliates program (we use it, works great) use cookies to track people who have clicked on your link, so they need to be using cookies for us to track them.
    If a person doesn’t allow cookies or clears their cookies then we can’t track them so can’t pay earnings on that person’s activity.
  • If a person clicks on your referral link and then later they click on someone else’s, yours is the one that counts.
    A user referred via your referral link must not be related to you or your business or company.
  • If a person clicks a link, they have 30 days before the cookie expires. If they sign-up and make a purchase within that time, we will pay your Affiliate Program earnings. After 30 days, no Affiliate Program earnings apply.
  • Earnings appear in your members’ statement (you will receive an email with more info once you was accepted by us as an affiliate)
  • If a user has visited the site before or has an existing account with us and then clicks a referral link, it doesn’t count.
  • Take a moment to understand how the referral process works – it’s summarised here!
How it looks a Partner Dashboard

Why become partner?

  • We got lot of monthly sales without any advertise.
  • At this time, there’s only 5 partners referring the plugin, it means you can take a big piece of cake if you apply soon to become partner.
  • Constant installations growth, even quickly than DIVI itself.
  • Freemius Affiliation program. you will always get paid on time.

Are you already a partner?